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I would like to purchase brakes. In what color can I choose them painted?

Any customer can have brakes painted any colour that he wants so long as it is blue. Electric blue.

What is the health hazard of particles released by conventional brake systems?

Recently studied, the health impact of brake particles is just beginning to be known. Once oxidized, their size, very fine, varies between ten microns and 350nm. This makes them extremely dangerous for health. Copper from this dust, for example, causes a marked increase in cell death and DNA damage, with a risk of cancer. Now, 50% of copper particle in the air come from the brakes! The European environmental agency has identified many carcinogenic and / or toxic elements in these dusts (nickel, manganese, chromium, barium, cadmium, lead, zinc, or iron).

What differentiates your product from magnetic induction brakes mounted in some trucks?

The first difference is that these retarders usually come in addition to conventional brakes. Our product aims to completely replace conventional brakes. The other main difference is that these retarders consume energy from the vehicle battery to brake, while our brakes instead produce energy.

Why was this pollution problem not resolved earlier in your opinion?

Car manufacturers are historically engine manufacturers. They tackled the problem of pollution on the side of what they do best and what was pointed at by the regulation: the engine. On the other hand, all the historical brake manufacturers are specialists in the phenomena of mechanical friction. It is very complicated to change the paradigm.

In a non-hybrid or 100% electric vehicle, can your system be used?

Yes, it is completely possible. We give up in this case the energy recovery, but the quality of a brake without pollution is there!

Could your system be used on a bus or subway?

Yes the system can be designed to fit anything that rolls! Motorcycle, race car, truck...

What are the differences between your system and the KERS or ERS-K used in Formula 1 or other categories of Motor Sport?

The ERS-K and similar systems recover a very small portion of the energy available during braking. They are a part of the hybrid engine so are only active on the vehicle's drive train. Our system is fitted where a braking system must be present and where the maximum energy is available: closer to the wheels.

Is it possible to use both your technology and conventional brakes in one vehicle?

Yes, it is completely possible. Since we know that usually 70% braking takes place on the front end of the vehicle, you can imagine using our system only for the front brakes.

What is the life service of your system?

Our system is designed to have a lifetime at least equal to vehicle's one. Our technology makes it possible to dispense with the wear parts to be replaced during revisions.

Do you offer a standardized catalog of braking systems?

At this stage we do not have a standardized catalog. We offer a customized design for each customer, according to their specifications and their own integration constraints.

Is your innovative system subject to patent?

Yes. These patents are not yet published because they are being instructed.

How not to emit particles?

Our system generates a braking torque without any contact between the fixed and mobile parts. There is no mechanical friction, and therefore no particle emission.

Can your system be mounted in an existing vehicle?

Yes it is possible, the system can be mounted instead of conventional brakes.

When will we be able to see a demonstration of your product?

With the second prototype under development, we will be able to perform demonstrations mid-2018.

How to stay informed of your progress?

The best way is to sign up for the newsletter. But you can also come back regularly to this site and on our social networks.

I find your project exciting and I would like to help you. How can i do it?

First of all, thank you very much! There are a lot of ways to support us. First of all you can talk about the project around you and share it on your social networks. Soon you will also be able to help us by crowdfunding campaign, and why not then invest in the structure. Finally you can also decide to come work with us!