On the Road with us

It is with great pleasure that we share with you our roadmap. Here you will find a chronology of important past milestones, our current activities, and finally our future goals. The timing will be adjusted according to the challenges we will face, but we will never give up. We are reasonable but determined, lucid but ambitious!

This project contributes to a huge challenge for all of us: sustainable development. It is a question of life to rethink our means of transport as soon as possible, without giving up our mobility. All these changes can not happen without the involvement of all of us. So be part of this change, and board with us.

Let's hit the road!

Past Milestones

2010 June

MAZAP is born

All car manufacturers are working on this date on hybrid or 100% electric engines. But a major problem remains: brakes pollute and most of the energy is wasted during braking phase.

A solution based on electrical technology seems possible and especially very interesting from a system integration point of view. MAZAP company is created and theoretical concepts start to be checked on spreadsheets.

2012 March

A first Prototype

The goal is to check the concepts on a real mock-up. Despite an extremely small budget and a manufacturing and assembly in a tiny Parisian apartment kitchen, this proof of concept is succesful!

Of course the solution is absolutely not embeddable in a vehicle but the "lab" behavior is consistent with simulations. It is also an excellent explanation support for future partners.

2017 November

Official Kickoff

It was still lacking too many ingredients in 2012 to push the project further.

After a long phase of preparation and collection of all these ingredients, the project is officially started! The website is opened to communicate on the problem and the proposed solution. Development of a second protoype is decided.

2018 February

Second Prototype Design Phase

This time the goal is to make a prototype that can be integrated into a real vehicle, to test it in real conditions!

The specifications are defined and the detailed design is done (mechanics, electromagnetism, electronic converter, control software ...). The package will carry all the features of a finalized product for a customer: high-performance braking without release of micro-particles, generation of electricity shaped to be reused or stored.

2018 April

Suppliers Selection

At this time MAZAP is a small design office without production capability.

We are looking for suppliers who can take the challenge with us. Suppliers convinced by this project, and more generally sharing our values on green mobility. Suppliers who are be able to make exceptional products at a reasonable cost!

Current Activities

Mid of 2018

Prototype Assembly & Test Phase

All the components are now received and asembly phase can begin.

Prototype carries out a maximum of tests and demonstrations.

From a technical point of view this phase makes it possible to collect a lot of data on the operation of the braking system and energy recovery in real conditions. Calculation models and different design domains can be optimized for the next iteration.

Business side the project is mature enough to approach potential customers and investors.

Future Goals

End of 2020

The product is discovered in Target Markets

This phase allows the product to mature and work in a customer-imposed environment.

The niche markets will be chosen in order to challenge the first qualities claimed by this innovation: High-Performance, Clean and Productive Energy.

End of 2023

The product becomes a standard of braking systems

Gradually conventional polluting disc brakes are replaced by cleaner systems like the one proposed here.

But technological revolutions still face a form of resistance to change. So the question is whether car manufacturers will understand this necessity by themselves, or whether laws will dictate that, or if users will demand this change.

End of 2028

Polluting systems in automotive museums

At this time the younger generations will not believe us when we tell them that we have been able to pollute and waste so much for so long!