Fine particle pollution, why are conventional brakes a problem?

Thanks to anti-pollution standards, car manufacturers have made considerable progress in reducing the pollution caused by combustion engines. Do you know that nowadays a large part of the particles emitted by cars comes from the abrasion of the brake pads? According to a study conducted by French National Center for Scientific Research, a car equipped with a catalytic converter can emit up to 6 times more micro-particles by its braking system (30 mg / km) than by the exhaust (5 mg / km).

Moreover most vehicles waste their kinetic energy during braking. Even the most efficient hybrid or full electric vehicles turn most of this energy into heat. It represents a huge shortfall on fuel savings that can go up to 35% depending on the cycles of use. Anything that is not recovered generates additional micro-particles that pollute the air.

Conventional brakes emit micro-particles that are extremely dangerous for health. In Europe it represents nearly 110 000 tons / year.

Brake wear emits carcinogenic micro-particles

New Generation of Brakes

MAZAP designs and manufactures bespoke braking systems that can be used in any vehicle.

Thanks to an innovative technology (patent pending), it is possible to eliminate polluting conventional braking systems. To replace them, MAZAP offers a solution that combines the safety of mechanics and the cleanliness of electricity, without compromising performance or safety. The result is economical and environmentally responsible.


MAZAP Brake System is designed to be capable of stopping any vehicle. From the heaviest to the quickest.


No micro-particle is generated during braking because there is no mechanical friction anymore.


During braking phase, kinetic energy is not turned into heat but converted to electrical energy, that can be used later.


MAZAP Technology garantee the same level of reliability than conventional brake systems.


The MAZAP solution can be used in any area of transportation: automobile, motorcycle, heavy truck and trains...


Designed without parts that wear, this system is maintenance free. No more replacing brake pads or discs.